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SimTiki International Journal Club - Simulation in Healthcare
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SimTiki Journal Club
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This is a virtual course with online content.
Benjamin Berg MD, Jannet Lee-Jayaram MD
Benjamin Berg 
Eileen Beamis Maeda, Debby Farkas, Kelsey Hara, Kris Hara, John Lutz, Cami Mikami 
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About the Course

The journal club is a well established teaching modality in many medical training programs.  This is an international journal club spanning from East to West, whereby individuals seek to improve their knowledge of epidemiology, biostatistics and critical appraisal skills.  The Journal club generally  meets on the second Thursday of the month.  Start times vary to allow participation from different time zones.   
- Critique simulation research
- Improve presentation skills in English
- Improve English discussion skills
Target Learners:
- International Fellows
- Anyone interested in simulation in medical education

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