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SimTiki Academy International Scholars Colloquium
Course Abbreviation
SimTiki AcademyColloquium
Upcoming Class Dates (MM/DD/YYYY)
09/03/2019 (SimTiki), 09/09/2019 (SimTiki), 09/16/2019 (SimTiki), 09/23/2019 (SimTiki), 10/07/2019 (SimTiki), 10/14/2019 (SimTiki), 10/28/2019 (SimTiki), 11/04/2019 (SimTiki)
Jannet Lee-Jayaram MD, Ben Berg MD
Benjamin Berg, Jannet Lee-Jayaram 
Eileen Beamis Maeda, Kelsey Hara, Kris Hara, Cami Mikami 
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About the Course
SimTiki Academy International Scholars Colloquium occurs weekly every Monday from 12:30p-2:30p during the SimTiki Academy International Scholars Cycle. 
Target Audience: SimTiki Academy International Scholars
Goal: This colloquium seeks to advance discussion, sharing and exchange of ideas in simulation and medical education. 
1. Presentation of a thematically organized session by Faculty or Academic Fellow.
2. Provide an environment for lively discussion in an informal atmosphere.
3. Encourage individual study of areas of simulation and healthcare education.

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